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SHOULD YOU REPAIR YOUR MONITOR? Typical repairable flat panels monitor problems are dead, no picture, no green power light, very dim picture, or the picture will shut off in seconds to minutes.  We find that about 90% of the flat panel monitors which come in for repair will be successfully repaired by us.  Usually there is no money to pay upfront of the successful repair and you will save money versus buying new.   Repaired monitors will run ...



 ELO, GENERAL TOUCH, MICRO  TOUCH, PLANAR, DELL, H/P, NEC, G VISION, ETC  are the  most popular brands we repair. We repair them for restaurants, retail stores, gaming industry, building directories, jukeboxes and everywhere else point of sale touch screens are used.  We repair dead, goes dead, no picture, dim, etc.  We normally don't repair or replace the touch screen overlay itself. Physical damage to the screen or is not a problem we normally solve  ...




  WE REPAIR CCTV LCD OR CRT SECURITY MONITORS. Many of our CCTV security monitor customer use us to save money, but many CCTV security monitor users use us for our fast turnaround to avoid typing up capital in units out for repair.  




WE DON'T SELL PARTS,  at this time we have no source to recommend for parts.   The hardest thing in our business is finding parts which are very limited.  



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